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Sugaring in the Winter?

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The nights are longer, the clocks have gone back, and the summer dresses have been put away. Now we usher in the time of sweaters, long sleeves, thick tights and thermal pants! Because we’re packing our bodies away for the winter, it can be tempting to let the beauty regimen slip. There are benefits to doing this, but there are also some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of letting your winter coat grow out!


Should I Keep Sugaring Over Winter?

Sugaring exfoliates and encourages the renewal of skin cells that can cause dry skin

There won’t be a temptation to shave in order to tidy things up, reversing all the good work the sugaring has done

You keep the beautiful smooth skin you worked so hard on over summer

You’d always be ready to slip on that little black dress and dash out to any last minute parties

If you have been receiving your sugaring services from Tamara you are most likely in a pattern of treatments and are noticing the benefits of being diligent.

  So this winter, stay on top of your hair removal routine to reap the benefits year round, as well as at that last minute holiday party.

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