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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Imagine not having to apply or wash off mascara…

*Lash extensions are a painless and relaxing experience.
*They are non-damaging to the natural lash unless pulled out which pulls the natural lash from the root.
*Our natural lashes fall out and grow back naturally all the time so loosing an extension with a natural lash attached     is normal.

Because we care for the well being of animals we only use faux mink lashes and silk ( Bella Lash )

We offer sensitive glue for clients with sensitive skin and offer a complimentary testing consultation if required.

After Care

– no steam or water on lashes for 24-48 hours
– use oil free products
– avoid pencil eyeliner and water proof mascara
– be aware of how you sleep
– avoid touching and playing with them
– do not scrub your lashes
– gently clean them


Classic Lash Set

Cost                              $90


2 week         $55
3 week         $70
4 week         $80

Takes about 1 hr
Fills are required every 3-4 weeks – depends on after-care
Classic lash set is one extension per every lashable natural lash
A classic set is recommended for clients new to lash extensions

Classic / Volume Lash Set

Cost                               $120


2 week         $70
3 week         $85
4 week         $105

Takes about 1 ½ hours
Fills are required every 2 – 4 weeks
A mix of lashes to add more of a full fanned look
Recommended for clients who prefer to have something between the everyday and the volume look

Volume Lash Set

Cost                                 $180


2 week        $110
3 week        $135
4 week        $ 160

Takes about 2 hours
Fills are required every 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 weeks
Volume lashes are 2-6 finer lashes built up into a fan on the natural lash
Recommended for clients with not as many natural lashes or looking for a look more like falsies

Lash Removal

Cost                               $25